To curb the advancing desertification of the earth,
Taiki is developing desert greening projects globally.

In the Gayathi area of the United Arab Emirates, 250 km from the capital Abu Dhabi, a rich green zone is expanding with 80,000 acacia trees already planted. Taiki entered into a “desert greening contract” with the UAE Government in 1979 . This was a difficult project, to grow seedlings into hree-meter mature trees in about three years,but we completed the big project involving various works ranging from camp setup to seedling development,well digging, piping arrangement, fixed planting ,and cultivation, in order to achieve the global mission of holding backdeserts.We are now expanding the field for such activities from the Middle East to Africa and to Asia.


Commitment to tree planting project in Loess Plateau, China

Taiki participated in a tree planting project in the Loess Plateau Region of China, one of Japan’s official development assistance (ODA) projects for China, in 2004. The project site was located in the southwestern part of Shanxi Province. The project was aimed at increasing the area covered by forests in the Loess Plateau Region, which has been a main source of yellow sand and is an area that especially needs to improve soil and water conservation in the country. Another objective of the project was the ransfer of tree planting technology to China.

The project involved 2,000 workers per day in land cleaning activities, and planted approximately 1.8 million trees in total