Tree Planting in Japan

In its own planting farm,
Taiki cultivates seedings and grown trees for delivery.

Under the name of development, human beings have destroyed and lost nature which is precious for all living creatures.
In the 21st century, we human beings are eminded of the value and importance of nature. People, “want to get back rich nature in our neighborhood” and “want to feel the namics of fresh lives and fill our lungs with leanair.” Tree planting is accordingly a priority job in the modern world, and Taiki is seriously committed to it.


Taiki Planting Farm

We work with our hands to share verdant greenery with the world.
At Taiki Farm, we cultivate all sorts of trees.
We plant and cultivate large numbers of trees in order to support shipping throughout the year. We produce foliage ranging from trees for parks or roadsides, to trees for factory greening and pollution separator zones.

  • Area of cultivation: 40 ha
  • No. of tree species: more than 180
  • No. of trees: more than 1 million